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IE6 is available
waddy Aug-28-01 00:11 AM

2. RE: IE6 is available
lbyard Aug-28-01 00:38 AM
In response to message 0
Up and running on Win Me that had IE 6.0 Beta installed. No big problems or surprises so far. Write down your home page address before installing. Like usual, Gates and company changed it to sell their stuff, which is annoying. Larry

3. IE6 Problems
lbyard Aug-28-01 07:05 PM
In response to message 2
Well, I don't see any improvement of the released version of IE 6.0 over the Beta. My system crashed once this morning (which it started doing when I installed the Beta) and IE is still giving up the ghost every couple of hours and sending those annoying trouble reports to the IE geeks in Microsoft heaven before closing the session and firing-up a new instance of the browser without the web page I was viewing when the incident occurred. Is anyone else seeing these problems? Larry

4. RE: IE6 Problems
waddy Aug-29-01 01:38 AM
In response to message 3
have to report IE6 seems fine on win2K and XP2600..... no bugs so far

the only thing ive noticed with IE6 is buttons, scroll bars etc look so much better , is that because of the added XML support ?

the security setting for cookies is a bit dodgy , i let all cookies and it still tries to stop them

5. RE: IE6 Problems
lbyard Aug-29-01 03:36 PM
In response to message 4
It could be that I am way overdue for my twice-annual clean install of Windows. I'm just having trouble deciding which version to install. I have to more less stay in the Win 9X world as long as the majority of computers are using it so I can support it without having to reboot all of the time. And I canít see paying for XP for a long time to come. Iíll bet the rest of the world will wait a long time also. Gates, I think, is in for a huge disappointment. Larry

6. RE: IE6 Problems
waddy Aug-29-01 11:34 PM
In response to message 5
I agree ... Dell and the rest of them think it will pick up sales ... nah i doubt it....

XP doesnt seem any better to me than 2K, just looks nicer etc.....

Im running XP 2600, flashed my bios and had to reactivate it .... so its a real pain for tinkers , overclockers etc.....

Personnaly any new OS i would wait for a year then get it when most of the fixes are out...

8. Win XP
lbyard Aug-30-01 04:21 PM
In response to message 6
Agree totallyÖ No sense rushing anything if you have a PC that pretty much works as you want to. I actually had eye problems with XP the first time I used it and had to quit after an hour or so. The second time wasn't so bad. Although I downloaded RC2 days ago, I have not felt any compelling urge to install it yet. So, I guess I would have not compelling urge to buy it. If I were to pay the retail price for the upgrade, it would cost me about $1,000 to install XP Pro on all of the computers here in my office/workshop/home. No way, Gates! In fact, I am considering the idea of replacing NT on my file server with Linux. Itís free, does the job, is not as demanding on the hardware, is Code Red proof, is not sold by a monopoly, and does not require an activation code. Larry

9. RE: IE6 is available
DAM Sep-28-01 04:27 AM
In response to message 0
The only problem I have seen with IE6 is that it caused porblems with my CD burning software;

From Microsoft Knowledge Base (Q222460):
Burn It and Key Disk Programs Not Compatible with Windows 98.Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module Shell32.dll (Everything was compatibale until downloaded IE6)

The only work around I see is to uninstall IE6 and manually uninstall Outlook Express 6 and Re-Install OE5. The reason for this is when I took off IE6 it left OE6 and than Outlook would not open because MSOE.dll would not load.

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