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Backups NE1 ?
mac Aug-24-01 11:30 AM
k, how about the most important task in computing ? backups !

which backup solution/ s/w allows you to boot from DOS (or boot from scratch in case of win 2kpro) and restore all data including the O.S. form the tape, when/if hard disk crashes ?

if know of multiple solutions , which is most reliable?

Recently ran into a backup exec system, which needed extra sofware ($100 worth) to allow booting from dos and restore everything (s/w had the capability of storing registry data , i was told by tech supp.)

thank you

1. RE: Backups NE1 ?
Jim P Aug-24-01 01:29 PM
In response to message 0
I've used Ghost and Drive Copy in the past (to save an image of the drive onto another hard disk) and Windows Backup, but I've come believe the best solution is to back up data onto cd or zip disks and not worry about backing up the OS. If Windows gets so scrambled that you need to restore, you're better off reinstalling (and possibly reformatting first). Be sure to keep a backup copy of important emails and software registration codes, and setup files for your shareware, internet favorites and so forth. Back up the data in its native format rather than proprietary backup software format, so you won't have trouble reading it later. Also remember that if your only copy of the windows Key is on your backup cd, you'll need to get at it to reinstall windows.
If you've got two pc's networked, use each pc to back up the other's data, and update your backups frequently.

I've read in these forums that restoring the Windows registry from a backup may lead to new problems. Jim

2. RE: Backups NE1 ?
mac Aug-24-01 06:36 PM
In response to message 1


very informative!

3. RE: Backups NE1 ?
waddy Aug-24-01 08:40 PM
In response to message 2
i use a an app called retrospect server for backing up ....

its the best i have ever come across......

it doesnt work through DOS though

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