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how best to configure cacheman for a 16MB system...
JKennedy55 Aug-21-01 08:31 PM
I have a 16MB system on my network that is used only for internet access for family members. The system is running NT wkst 4.0. There are no added apps on the system except for my internet sharing software and cacheman. What is the best way to configure/set cacheman to help this 16MB system out? I know this is extremely low memory, but it actually runs semi ok I guess I could say but I want to get a extra boost for it with cacheman as I dont want to add any extra memory to it...From what I gathered so far, cacheman does not seem to user friendly and how to configure or maybe I just have not spent enough time working with it yet. Thanks for any help.

1. RE: how best to configure cacheman for a 16MB system...
waddy Aug-22-01 04:24 PM
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try here , support forum, FAQ's etc


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