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Install can't find drives.
lesbentley Aug-08-01 06:05 PM
I am trying to install a NIC in an old Cyrex 166, runing Win98 SE with multiple drivespace compressed HDD's (3 physical, 5 logical).

Install (from A: goes fine till prompted to insert Win98 disk, the copy from list box does not show my CD ROM H: drive, it displayes the folloing drives:


As you can see there 3 copys of A: no copys of C: D: F: or H:.

In Explorer my drives are C: through H:, with H: being the CD ROM. Drive space reports the foloing:
A: 3.5 Floppy
C: compressed
D: compressed
E: compressed
F: physical
G: physical
K: host for C
L: host for E
M: host for D

Q: How can I get the "install from" dialogue to recognise my CD ROM H: drive?

I have already tryed bumping the host drive letters up by two, the first host was originaly H:, this did not help.


Regards, Les.

1. RE: Install can't find drives.
lbyard Aug-08-01 06:31 PM
In response to message 0
First, let me say that I very much try to discourage people from compressing Win 9X/DOS drives. Compressed drives have been the source of a lot of very time-consuming problems in my shop over the years. Also, your drive letters, etc. are much too complex for my taste for the simple.

Manually type H:\win98 in the list box.

Or, see if the cab files are on the hard disk at c:\>\windows\options\cabs and type that in. Larry

2. RE: Install can't find drives.
lesbentley Aug-08-01 11:45 PM
In response to message 1
>Manually type H:\win98 in the list box.

It wirked of course. Thanks, lbyard.

I am thick as a brick

I was looking for a browse button and never conciddered that the list box might be editable. Moral: Using a mouse too much is bad for the brain.

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