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Missing files after NIC install.
lesbentley Aug-08-01 00:31 AM
After a botched installation of a NIC - started to install win95 drivers on Win98 system, then aborted - Windows reports 3 files missing at win start-up:

Also IE5.0 had stopped working. I tried un-installing the NIC, this did not help, I restored an old copy of the registry, IE is now working, but missing files still reported at win start-up. I have searched the drives and the files are defiantly missing. I can't "reinstall the application" because I don't know what application they are associated with. Presumably these files were there BEFORE the NIC installation because they are still reported missing after restoring an old reg file.

Please advise on my best course of action.

System is: Athlon 800, 128k RAM, Win98 SE.

regards, Les.

1. RE: Missing files after NIC install.
lbyard Aug-08-01 05:30 AM
In response to message 0
All of those files are associated with networking. The easiest course of action is to remove everything in Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network and reinstall the network adapter, dialup adapter, etc.. Registry fixes for a couple of the missing files are in MS KB Q137454 at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q137/4/54.ASP, but that should not be necessary. Larry

2. RE: Missing files after NIC install.
lesbentley Aug-08-01 05:54 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks all, problem sorted after multiple install-uninstall of NIC.

I now have a new and very strange problem with another PC (see new post).

Regards, Les.

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