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Windows 98 reboot instead of shutting down...
akmour Aug-03-01 08:35 PM
Hi there I'm having a bit of a problem with my computer. I've setup Win 98 SE just a couple of days ago and yesterday when I tried to shutdown my computer and when I executed the shutdown option my monitor went black and after two-three seconds it started to boot up again. So I thought I might have chosen to restart instead of shutdown I checked it out and the shutdown option was indeed chosen. Have anything up your sleeve because I would hate formatting my computer again, hope to get some good news thank you for your time. AKMOUR ........

1. RE: Windows 98 reboot instead of shutting down...
kareemh Aug-04-01 05:48 AM
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yeah sometimes that happens to me, i wouldnt format my computer because of it though.

2. Windows 98 SE Shutdown Problems
lbyard Aug-06-01 04:35 PM
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These links provide info on Win 98 SE shutdown problems:




3. RE: Windows 98 reboot instead of shutting down...
hillbilly Aug-16-01 01:58 AM
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...an open connection to your dial up will do that to you on occasion .....worst criminal is a windows update ....I don't know which one... that is notorious for that ....best advice??????....live with it!!!!!!!!

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