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Win98 a Saga
Kazmierzak Jul-30-01 08:43 PM
Every thing started when my daughter wanted a DVD drive in her computer.
I have built and installed many computers starting back in the DOS2.2 days and before so this looked like a snap.
First I purchased a WD 30Gig HD so there would be plenty of hard drive space.
That worked fine.
Then I installed Win98SE as an up-grade to the Win95a version on the machine.
That seemed to work OK.
Then the DVD player. That even seemed to work except for the fact that a 200Mhz system needs a DVD decoder. I purchased a Cool DVD card at a computer show and sent to my daughter to install. She lives about a 4 hour drive away.
This is when the trouble began. The card was installed, Win 98 requested the drivers during new hardware found. The drivers loaded and seemed OK. The next thing that happened I had never seen. Upon restarting then system went through the “Staring WIN98” text screen, then in went to the first logo screen, then it went to a black screen displaying the text “ Windows Protection Fault You Must Restart Windows “.
When I restart windows it goes to safe mode with the warning “New drivers can not be installed in safe mode”.
Now over many months I have, purchased an other new DVD player, a new DVD decoder card “Sigma Hollywood Plus”, and a new Hard drive, new memory, and just recently a new BIOS. I have reinstalled WIN98SE no less than 20 times both from as clean and as an overwrite. In ever case I have trouble with the installation from failure to read a CAB to failure to find the plug and play setup system. Then once the system is installed it is highly unstable. It will blue screen with for no reason, it will hang, all the time, which will require the system power to be cycled. I have done all of this with just the Video card installed to start, and then once I get it started I put in the Sound card and then the DVD decoder. The result is always he same “ Windows has performed a protection error “ “You must restart your computer”. Then even with the decoder card removed the system will not restart except in safe mode and it is unstable even then. I have just recently installed an OEM Win95b on the system and it is working but I still get a blue screen once in a while, but DVD support is not nearly as good in Win95 as it is in Win98SE. That is why I would like to get this to work. I have not tried the DVD card with the Win95. I have had other things to attend to. To date I have spent 125 hours working on this. Most of that waiting for the system to reboot Ha Ha. The hardware is a Cyrix 6x86 MX 200 with new Award Bios (2001), 128 Meg of ram, Matrox Millennium card 4 meg video. 30 Gig WD 7200 rpm 100 ATA the board is running at 33ATA. The DVD CD is a Panasonic, which I bought from the supplier of the Sigma DVD card as a set. Is there any thing you can tell me? I have also tried a different Video card a Diamond stealth64 4meg. The result is the same, failure. I have consulted the Microsoft Knowledge base a browsed through hundreds of articles to no avail.

So what am I missing?

1. RE: Win98 a Saga
lbyard Jul-30-01 09:47 PM
In response to message 0
What is the motherboard? How big is the power supply? Larry

2. RE: Win98 a Saga
Kazmierzak Jul-31-01 02:04 AM
In response to message 1
The Mother Board is a M Technology Mustan-Ultra R548.
The power supply is a 250 Watt.

3. RE: Win98 a Saga
lbyard Jul-31-01 03:49 PM
In response to message 2
The most likely causes of these problems is, memory that is not seated properly, defective memory, a CPU that is running too hot, an overloaded or noisy power supply, interrupt conflicts, a defective motherboard, or jumpers that are not set correctly. Motherboards do age and eventually fail. The electrolytic capacitors, which filter-out voltage noise spikes produced when digital circuits change state, power supply noise, etc. do have a finite life span and that may be the problem. Try installing 98 with less or substituted memory and with no other boards in the system besides video. It is probably time to upgrade and say goodbye to the socket 7 and AT chassis. Larry

4. RE: Win98 a Saga
Kazmierzak Jul-31-01 05:30 PM
In response to message 3
This is the same conclusion that I came to but it is good to here it from someone else. Can you recommend a good type or supplier of hardware? Price is the issue.

5. RE: Win98 a Saga
lbyard Aug-01-01 03:48 PM
In response to message 4
Unfortunately, price can also make the difference between success and failure. Suggested reading: http://duxcw.com/digest/guides/buymb/intro.htm. You usually get what you pay for. There are posts in this forum on motherboard products and vendors. Larry

6. RE: Win98 a Saga
Kazmierzak Aug-10-01 10:18 AM
In response to message 5
Beleive it or not I found the cure for the problem quite by accident. I switch off the CPU cache, both internal and external. The system stablized, I could then load and run all of the software. I then took the CPU to my local supplier and had it tested it failed, go figure. I repaced with a new Intel Pentium 233MMX, 35.00 and all is well. The supplier who had sold me the MB to begin with reported to me that the Cyrix 6X86 older chips have started to show signs of weakening over the last couple of years. They have replaced some 5000 of these chips because of eratic operation.

Thanks for your help.

10. Cyrix Processor Failures
lbyard Aug-10-01 02:47 PM
In response to message 6
Yes, I have seen more Cyrix failures, as compared to other CPUs, but the failure rate has not been high enough to reach any kind of statistical conclusion that they are inferior in this regard to other processors. And the failure rate has been extremely low as compared to other PC components, much lower than motherboards, for example. I believe most of the failures I have seen were caused by cheap or failed heatsink-fans, improper handling (static electricity), bent pins, cheap power supplies, etc.

5,000 failures seems extremely high even if that vendor bought all of the Cyrix CPUs on the planet. I do not believe that number whatsoever. The statement may have been subterfuge.

I think the old Cyrix CPU’s should be compared to more recent VIA CPUs (VIA bought Cyrix from National Semiconductor quite some time ago).

Go figure... OK... Most CPUs do not partially fail, operate OK without cache’ enabled as compared to operating with cache’ enabled, or otherwise cause problems with disk drives. The CPU you had was probably remarked; that is, it was one rated for a lower clock frequency/multiplier and was relabeled to a higher combination by a crook. I have seen a few of those. That illegal practice probably accounts for many Cyrix CPU failures. Larry

11. RE: Cyrix Processor Failures
Kazmierzak Aug-10-01 03:45 PM
In response to message 10
Sorry I did not mean that 5000 processors had failed. The statement was that out of some 5000 or so systems that had been installed over a couple of years by this supplier, a notable number have exhibited erratic behavior which was solved by replacing the CPU. Cyrix makes a good produce I have in use other systems with this exact MB and Cyrix CPU these are working very well and I hope they go on for a while. My only point was that strange problems have strange solutions. I apologize if my statements seemed to say that there was anything wrong with Cyrix in general. I am a proponent of using CPUs other than Intel. That makes for a level playing field.

Thanks again

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