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Windows PC only boots up to DOS
jebrighton Jul-26-01 03:02 PM
I have a year old HP computer in a remote location. They tell me that it now only boots up into DOS, not Windows 98. Is there a file or program somewhere that tells a PC to go into Windows. Seems like there has to be and someone has been monkeying around. I have no access to PC, only can suggest where they might look.

1. RE: Windows PC only boots up to DOS
lbyard Jul-26-01 05:34 PM
In response to message 0
I really need someone on site to be of any kind of meaningful assistance. Run scandisk and a virus scan. http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q141/7/21.asp? might provide a clue, but I doubt it. In a pinch, you might try to have them install 98 on top of 98 with a startup/recovery floppy, but that could make things worse. If it is a paying client, I would hire someone in their locale to fix the problem. Larry

2. RE: Windows PC only boots up to DOS
jebrighton Jul-26-01 05:44 PM
In response to message 1
Actually, it arrived a few minutes ago by Fedex. Surprise! I have it here now. I can get it up in Safe Mode, but not normal mode. Everything looks ok in autoexec.bat and msdos.sys files. They were right. It just comes up in DOS. There has to be some file somewhere telling it to do this. Or a registry setting???

4. RE: Windows PC only boots up to DOS
lbyard Jul-26-01 07:56 PM
In response to message 2
Does it display the Windows splash screen (the screen with the Windows flag) before going to the DOS prompt? If it does, call your client and ask them if they just installed a new virus program because of the Sircam worm. Is it McAfee? If not, see the MS article in my last post for a clue. I would do a virus scan and run scandisk and opt to scan the drive for bad clusters. Larry

5. RE: Windows PC only boots up to DOS
jebrighton Jul-27-01 12:12 PM
In response to message 4
Yes, it does show Windows splash screen and acts like it is going into Windows, but then goes to Dos. Get this, I even reinstalled Windows 98. Acted normally. Then, when it came up and said'Running Windows 98 for the first time', after about 5 seconds, it went directly to Dos prompt. It does have some MacAfee software on it.
I can see that in the startup stuff when I boot up in Safe Mode.

6. RE: Windows PC only boots up to DOS
lbyard Jul-27-01 03:55 PM
In response to message 5
Boot to the DOS prompt (don't wait for Windows to take you there; use F8 or hold the Ctrl key just before windows starts to get the menu) and use c:\>edit autoexec.bat to rem-out (put a rem plus a space in front of the line) the Mcafee stuff in the autoexec.bat file. If that doesn't fix it, boot to the safe mode, Start, Run, msconfig, and start disabling start-up programs one at a time between restarts. Try disabling run and load programs in the win.ini file. You can also use msconfig to disable and enable the McAfee stuff in the autoexec.bat. Larry

9. RE: Windows PC only boots up to DOS
lbyard Jul-27-01 08:09 PM
In response to message 6
Oops! Accidently deleted your last post where you said you were going to have to resort to the recovery CD. Sometimes there is no other alternative when time is money. Larry

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