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Internet Explorer favorites
js1257 Jul-07-01 02:53 PM
I have a lot of sites bookmarked. When I bookmark new sites and try to move them around they usually go back to where they were when I bookmarked them. And for the new sites that I bookmark they are in alphabetical order which isn't bad but I wish that I could eventually put them all in alphabetical order. However I wish it would put the newer sites that I bookmark at the end of the list so I know to look at these first. Does anybody know anything that I can do to put them all in alphabetical order instead of the newer bookmarks being that way and put the newer ones at the bottom of the list. Thanx

1. RE: Internet Explorer favorites
lbyard Jul-07-01 07:18 PM
In response to message 0
Simply click favorites in the toolbar, grab ahold of one with your mouse, and drag it where you want it. Or click Favorites in the main menu and select Organize. You could create a folder and call it “new.” An easy way to save and position a new favorite where you want it is to drag the icon in the Address box to the favorites in the left window pane. Also, click Help in the IE main menu, Search, and enter favorites. Larry

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