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Mobius loop - Windows ME
Typhoon Jul-05-01 01:48 PM
System: AMD K6/2-500, 256Mb Memory 3 HDD's & 48xCD

Was on the net when suddenly the screen went blank, followed by a beep - the PC had re-booted. It now boots as far as the Windows ME splash screen, then re-boots again in an endless loop. I can't boot into Safe Mode or Bootlog.txt mode. Step by step loading doesn't work either (same result). Running diagnostic checks via the emergency disk indicate that the hard drives are ok along the registry. Can't even reinstall the OS due to an "outside dos extender" error. A challenge?

2. RE: Mobius loop - Windows ME
lbyard Jul-05-01 04:32 PM
In response to message 0
Did you do a surface scan on the hard disk? I would also run a virus scan from a floppy. Try reseating the memory. A computer that reboots itself usually has a hardware problem, but not always. If it is rebooting at exactly the same point, it could be a corrupted file. Shake and listen for something loose like a screw. Check cables. Three hard disks may be pushing the average power supply (235 Watts) used in a K6-2 computer. Try disconnecting a couple of them. Also, a bad power supply (noisy voltages) can cause the problem. Larry

3. RE: Mobius loop - Windows ME
Typhoon Jul-09-01 08:35 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks larry;

Did actually find the problem - eventually. It turned out to be one of the dimm memory stacks. Many thanks for your advice.

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