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Windows reboots computer
Robert4390 Jun-30-01 01:52 PM
When trying to access D: drive (cdrom drive)the computer resets or reboots, runs scandisk and then loads sucessfully into windows again. Running Win 98 on Abit KT7. All other functions work ok except trying to access the D: drive. ???.

1. RE: Windows reboots computer
lbyard Jun-30-01 03:12 PM
In response to message 0
Usually reboots like that are an indicator of a hardware problem, but not always. It could be a corrupt driver. I would check the cable on the CD-ROM drive. Push on the flat cable connectors to be sure they are fully seated. If the motherboard is really a KT7-RAID, and the CD-ROM is on the RAID controller, try moving it to the secondary IDE interface and disabling the RAID controller. Try disabling DMA in Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, CD-ROM drive Properties. Flash the BIOS. Install the latest VIA Tech 4-in-1 drivers. Larry

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