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Mapped Drives Disappear
ddfloyd Jun-23-01 01:28 AM
On a new Dell Dimension L running Windows ME we have two network drives mapped to folders on a Windows NT 4.0 server (e.g., N maps to \\Server\data). There are 5 other Windows ME PCs and two Windows 2000 Pro PCs with the same mapping. In all cases the Windows OSes have the latest and greatest upgrades from Microsoft applied. The only non-Microsoft product on the Dell is Norton System Works 2000.

The Windows NT server uses workgroup access authority, not domain access/security. File sharing on the mapped folders is to everyone..no passwords.

The Dell looses the mapped drives, even though reconnect at logon is set and the machine has not been restarted. The other PCs seem quite happy - never loosing their connection. Rebooting the Dell returns the mapping...also, forced mapping of the drives from Explorer/Tools/Map Network Drives works.

Question is why are they disappearing and how to fix? HELP!!

1. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
lbyard Jun-23-01 02:14 PM
In response to message 0
Swap a network cable and hub/switch port with another computer. Larry

2. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
ddfloyd Jun-25-01 07:26 PM
In response to message 1
I tried swapping network cables - same problem. Also tried setting fixed IP in upper range - same problem.

A thought: The PC has a Linksys PCMICA card (new one, but of course PC is new too) any chance it is the Linksys?

3. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
lbyard Jun-25-01 07:46 PM
In response to message 2
New... Sure; anything that can break the network connection is suspect. So, what does Dell, the proclaimed purveyor of PC support, have to say about the problem? Do you have duplicate network drivers installed in Start, Settings, Control Panel System, Device Manager? Another thought… How many client licenses do you have installed on the NT box? Larry

4. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
ddfloyd Jun-26-01 05:14 PM
In response to message 3
I'll check client licenses and get back with you - forgot about that one! Really appreciate your input on this.

5. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
ddfloyd Jul-03-01 06:56 PM
In response to message 4
I can not say for sure what fixed the problem, but here is what I did. On the server I reset the number of client seats to the licensed number - it was set to 0 (DUMB!). Also, deleted seats left over from the creation of the network - computers that had not been alive for over a year. Since everything seems to be working and the devices are no longer dropping your tip on the licenses was probably the answer. Thanks so much!

6. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
lbyard Jul-03-01 07:54 PM
In response to message 5
BTW, you can lie to NT about it and get away with it. Larry

7. RE: Mapped Drives Disappear
ddfloyd Jul-25-01 00:23 AM
In response to message 6
Yeah but it is not a lie. We have 15 client licenses. The person who set this up did not do a good job and I'm just the cleanup krewe!

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