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WINWORD invalid page fault in MSO9.DLL
sgprice78 Jun-20-01 09:33 PM
My Windows '98 computer just started giving me this error when I try to open Word 2000. I have tried: reinstalling Office 2000, installing Office '97 then upgrading to Office 2000, copying mso9.dll from another '98 computer, and disabling my antivirus software and all unnecessary processes. None of these work, please help.


1. RE: WINWORD invalid page fault in MSO9.DLL
nbc Jun-21-01 10:10 AM
In response to message 0
Try installing the service packs for O2K from the ms website, they list this is a fix for a MS09.dll problem in Outlook 2000, the fix may work for Word, as Word is usually the email editor for outlook.


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