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configmg windows protection error on startup
tockert Jun-14-01 09:43 PM
After I downloaded the critical updates for Win98SE, I started getting a windows protection error, configmg. Microsoft has a fix posted for the Micro star International motherboards. this problem according to them is caused by the PCI to AGP bridge and flushing of the L2 cache. I am using an Asus K7V motherboard with the AMD K7 Athlon 850mhz cpu. Win 98 had been running fine till the update.
Microsoft's fix is to disable the L2 cache. I did that and the system will boot and run fine. It has slowed down considerably though.
My question is? Has anyone else seen this problem with other motherboards?

1. RE: configmg windows protection error on startup
lbyard Jun-15-01 03:39 PM
In response to message 0
I would do four things:

1) check the BIOS date on the compute and download and flash the BIOS if it isn’t up-to-date (http://www.asus.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/bios_slota.html). The latest driver fixes an “AGP mode control item.” You will be taking a chance if you flash the motherboard BIOS and you will be doing it at your own risk. If something goes wrong (e.g., a power outage) during this process you could end-up with an unbootable motherboard. If that happens you will have to find someone with the equipment to flash the BIOS, obtain another BIOS, or buy a new motherboard.
2) Make sure the VIA 4-in-1 drivers are installed, especially the AGP driver (http://www.viatech.com/jsp/en/dr/driver.jsp)
3) Download any driver updates for the AGP display adapter
4) Try another AGP display adapter


2. RE: configmg windows protection error on startup
tockert Jun-15-01 10:35 PM
In response to message 1
Looks like I may have to try and flash the bios. I have never done it. I will really have to think hard about that one though. I am also considering formating the hard drive and reinstalling Win 98SE. That would elimanate the problem also. I would end up with known security holes in the OS, but I can use other things to plug that. I will have to weigh my options and figure out what I am going to do.
Thanks for the help


3. RE: configmg windows protection error on startup
Davo Jun-20-01 02:59 PM
In response to message 2
Microstar has an automatic Bios Flash updater called @BIOS or something like that. I've used it a couple of times. It flashes the Bios while you're connected to the Internet with WIndows running. I've also recently flashed my BIOS using the Boot Disk and MSI's AWI flash program, and that's quite easy also.
You might just try installing the latest 4 in 1 VIA drivers, WITH the latest VIA AGP driver.


Athlon 700 @ 700
MSI K7T Pro 256MB Cas 2
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