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Computer hangs on shutdown with Windows ME
clouma Jun-07-01 04:17 PM

My PC started to do something crasy for the last week oftenly it will not close properly, the power supply remains on and the screen becomes some kind of a dark grey but it stays energized
( green LED of the monitor stays on ) on the shutdown, the same with the fan and the LED of the power supply .

Any ideas ?



1. RE: Computer hangs on shutdown with Windows ME
lbyard Jun-07-01 04:49 PM
In response to message 0
I have had this happen with Windows Me on my computer and don't know what caused it. Many things can cause Windows shutdown problems. Fortunately, Windows Me has a nice feature to fix this and many other problems. To learn more about it, click Start, Help, and enter the word restore in the Search box at the upper right corner of the resulting screen. Thatís why I donít know what caused the problem. Larry

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