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Win 98 Updates Slowed My Computer!
jfmoemd Jun-05-01 01:14 PM
I thought I was doing a good thing, spent a couple hours waiting while the updates loaded. Now, however, several functions operate more slowly than before. For example, when I go to File-Print, the print dialog box used to appear instantly. Now there is about a 4 second delay. Clearly this is not a critical issue but it is annoying. I am considering reinstalling Win98 from the original CD and forgetting about the updates. Any thoughts?

1. RE: Win 98 Updates Slowed My Computer!
lbyard Jun-05-01 05:13 PM
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Start, Run, msconfig, and turn off start-up programs until you find the varmint. The print dialogue on my Windows Me machine with all updates installed opens almost instantly. Larry

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