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How to Connect Two Computers to One Cable Modem?
jfmoemd Jun-05-01 01:02 PM
These computers are never used at the same time. Could I put an Ethernet card in the second computer and switch the output of the cable modem from one machine to the other with an A-B switch? The cable company will charge me twice if they hook up both machines but they are probably doing it in a more sophisticated way.

1. RE: How to Connect Two Computers to One Cable Modem?
lbyard Jun-05-01 05:04 PM
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A coax switch is not practical and probably wouldn’t work. A router will work. See http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/waysshare.htm. Larry

2. RE: How to Connect Two Computers to One Cable Modem?
keithm Aug-24-01 02:30 PM
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If the cable modem uses the network connection on your computer, I would suggest getting a second network card and put it in one of the computers. I would then network the two computers together using this new card. Then get either Windows 98 SE (or any windows OS which supports Internet Connection Service) and use the ICS on the computer attached to the cable modem and use it as a internet gateway. I have not done this personally yet but have been told that is the way to make it work. Documentation I have read even states you can do this with a dialup modem. So if you have two computers networked together and one is not near a phone drop, do the same thing for it.

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