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"driver memory error" message
sibrag Aug-18-00 05:19 AM
for a couple of weeks i've have been getting this "driver memory error" message on boot-up.

actually it is a minimized window which appears on the task bar during the boot up, and once the system finished booting up, the window closes.

i've done my best in trying to find the meaning of this but ..... here i am

i have 1 128mb pc100 module.

any suggestion for a memory diagnosys program?

thanks a bunch.


1. RE:
lbyard Aug-18-00 04:47 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-18-00 AT 04:47 PM (GMT)

What version of Windows are you running? Try Run msconfig and turning of startup drivers and programs until you find the varmint. Larry

2. RE:
sibrag Aug-18-00 08:51 PM
In response to message 1
How dense of me. Sorry I forgot to mention. I am using W98 (first edition).

Thanks for the suggestion. Will try it.


3. RE:
sibrag Aug-19-00 05:51 AM
In response to message 1

Wonderful. the reported message was the result of an apparent failed virus attack, virus which did not take hold (not that i can find anyway).


here's the info.

in my case the autoremove program did not work. going through the manual routine revealed that the only damage done by this sucker was an innocent HTML file. the registry has apparrently been unaffected.

Heck. Norton failed to even find it. I figured it out by doing an internet search on a file name which i found strange . that took me directly to the link below:

thanks again for your help Larry.


4. RE: Kak worm virus
oNe! Sep-17-00 08:43 PM
In response to message 3
Mate i had the same problem ... to see if you have the virus in outlook got to options signature .. if a signature is the called kak.htm .. youve got it .. and some antivirus software wont find it ..
i removed it .. you have to delete all sent items and all emails .... www.cai.com is a good site and an excellent free virus software package

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