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Win ME upgrade version
mazinger16 May-12-01 08:00 PM
Hi Larry:
Thank you again for your site and support.

Well I have Win98SE and I upgraded with WIN ME
everything was ok until I restart my computer and a blue screen with next message appeared:

Anexception OE has ocurried at 0028:F000F841 in VxD---, This was called from 0028:C001BDE8 in Vxd NDIS(01) + 00005AA0,I
Please if can advise me I will appreciate your help. Thanks Carlos M

1. RE: Win ME upgrade version
lbyard May-12-01 09:13 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON May-12-01 AT 09:14 PM (GMT)

Pull your Netgear 310TX network adapter (a guess on my part) and see if it will start ok. Try it in another PCI slot if it does. Larry

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