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Installing NIC software
doogdoog May-08-01 01:50 AM
I am trying to install the software for my pro120
100/10mbps PCI bus fast ethernet adapter but I
am having problems. The message says that it has
discovered a new hardware and when the wizard goes
to the select device screen, my NIC card is not
listed under the Manufacturers so how can I add
my nic card manufacturers name to the list. I have
the disk and when I use it the model number comes
out ok but not the manufacturer so it won't install the driver. Thanks in advance.

1. RE: Installing NIC software
doogdoog May-08-01 04:38 AM
In response to message 0
Looks like the trouble is worse than I thought.
I removed the NIC card and booted the computer
up again and now the wizard says that a new
hardware has been found. How can it find the NIC
when I took it out? Is the information stuck in
windows somewhere?????? Thanks in advance.

2. RE: Installing NIC software
lbyard May-08-01 03:28 PM
In response to message 1
Pulling installing and then pulling the card may have shifted the interrupts, etc. for the other PCI cards/motherboard resources in the computer and Windows is trying to reinstall the drives. I would download the correct drivers for the Ethernet board from the manufacturer’s web site. Larry

3. RE: Installing NIC software
doogdoog May-09-01 05:25 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks Larry, the problem was with my 56kb modem.
Somehow it conflicted with the NIC card install
so when the wizard came up it was asking for the
drivers for the 56kb card and not the NIC card.
I pulled the modem and rebooted with the NIC card
and then the wizard recognized the card and
accepted the drivers.


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