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Windows backup question
doogdoog May-07-01 05:28 AM
If I use the backup in windows system tools and
backup my hd which is running win 95 and then
I format and install a new win 98se, will I be
able to restore the backup to the 98se? Thanks in


1. RE: Windows backup question
lbyard May-07-01 02:03 PM
In response to message 0
Although, Microsoft recommends this procedure for moving Windows from one hard disk to another, I have found that it usually does not work very well. The backup tries to combine the Windows Registry of the old windows with that of the new one. You certainly do not want to restore an old version of Windows on top of a newer one with MS Backup.

MS Backup is useful for backing-up and restoring user data, etc. if there is a lot of it (giga Bytes). I would however caution against putting all of your eggs in one basket (one MS Backup .qic file). I have seen cases where the .qic file turned-out to be corrupted even after it was verified. So, if the data is critical, make sure you have a least two backups, preferably on different drives. Using this method, all applications, etc. will have to be reinstalled, but the data should be there after reinstalling. Larry

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