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Upgrade from Win 95 to 98SE
doogdoog May-06-01 04:35 AM
I am trying to upgrade my computer from 95 to 98se
and when I try there is a message saying I need
an upgrade edition. Is there anyway that I can
use the 98se from my new computer to upgrade my
other older computer to 98se without using an
upgrade version? Thanks in advance.


1. win95 -> Win98 se
copperpipe May-06-01 06:33 AM
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LAST EDITED ON May-06-01 AT 06:36 AM (GMT)

Just my 2 cents worth here:

You can back up your data files, format your hard drive using the win98 SE CD rom, and then install Win98 thereafter, i.e., do a "clean install" of win98. The problem here is that you will have to reinstall your peripherals & applications from scratch. But the clean install method does result in less trouble with your applications running OK as compared to doing an upgrade installation of Win98.

2. RE: win95 -> Win98 se
lbyard May-06-01 04:20 PM
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