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Downloading mpeg and mpg files.
oneilmover May-04-01 07:45 PM
I have a 600 celeron - HP XE743 - 64mb RAM. My question is...Why do I get a "Cannot open data file. Format not recognized" pop-up screen whenever I try to play a mpeg or mpg video file. The file downloads completely and I have the video viewer configured correctly. I've tried using both Yahoo Media Player and Windows Media Player. Both refuse to recognize the format even though the file extensions are .mpeg and .mpg. Could these files be configured for a different system, such as a Mac? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Oh, by the way, thank you for answering the previous two(2)questions I posted to this forum. The answers definately helped a lot. Thank You.

1. RE: Downloading mpeg and mpg files.
mimeryme May-21-01 02:31 PM
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Though MPEG is the extension, there are different flavors of MPEG. (ie. different versions: MPEG1, MPEG2, and so on) You might not have the right codecs to play the MPEG file you've donwloaded. With the WindowsMediaPlayer7 you can download the latest codecs by trying to find updates (go to Help and Check for Player Updates). Of course there might be more than a few codecs that WiMP7 might not get for you, for those you can try searching on the net for 'em.

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