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Windows 2000 Pro Log On Password
pepperoni May-01-01 00:16 AM
I have a notebook running W2K Pro that was previously joined to a domain. I just joined it to a workgroup instead, and apparently that cancels the computer account so now I can no longer log in with the user name and password I've been using (some warning would have been nice, if you're reading this Mr. Gates). I'm totally locked out of the computer now, and it appears that it is expecting a new password for the user name that now auto-fills the log on box (it's the same as my old user name except the first two letters are capitalized, so I assume it's pulling from a different profile). What are my options at this point? I don't have the administrator password and can't get it. Can I re-install the OS or somehow get back to the configuration it was using when it was joined to the domain? Can the password it's now looking for be cracked? Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks!

1. RE: Windows 2000 Pro Log On Password
lbyard May-01-01 01:58 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON May-01-01 AT 02:00 PM (GMT)

Try this after Ctrl-Alt-Delete at the login screen… Enter administrator as the User name, Click the Options button, click the down arrow beside Log on to:, select WIN2K (this computer), and enter the password originally used when installing Win 2K (or whatever it has been changed to for the administrator account). Larry

2. RE: Windows 2000 Pro Log On Password
lbyard May-01-01 02:01 PM
In response to message 1
footnote: I am referring to the administrator account on the notebook, not the domain. Larry

3. RE: Windows 2000 Pro Log On Password
pepperoni May-02-01 11:27 AM
In response to message 1
I don't get a Log on to: option when I click the Options button. The only things in the window are User Name, Password, a "Log on using dial-up connection" check-box (tried it both unchecked and checked), and the regular OK, Cancel, Shutdown, and Options buttons. Any idea how I can get the Log on to: prompt? Thanks!

4. RE: Windows 2000 Pro Log On Password
lbyard May-02-01 03:10 PM
In response to message 3
If you are not getting a Log on to box then I would think that the computer is not setup for a login option to a domain as mine is and there is no choice but to log into the Win 2K machine itself. I pulled the network cable to my Win 2K machine and I get the dial-up checkbox also, but I also get the option to login to the Win 2K computer or the domain with the box unchecked or checked. Do you know the administrator password for the computer? With my network connection disconnected I am able to log into my computer as user administrator and the password I assigned when Win 2K was installed. As the network is disconnected, I know that password has nothing to do with domain password checking by my NT server. Larry

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