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"Type the name of the Command Interpreter"...?!
davidrl35 Apr-26-01 05:41 AM
I have done this all before.. could probably do it in my sleep (as a matter of fact I think I have on occassion!)... Here's the deal. I am building a new system - Have fdisk'd the new drive, partitioned and formatted it and have used the Win98 Boot disk to start the installation from the CD. It goes along fine and install Windows.. yada yada yada... then it get to the part where it reboots itself and says "Running Windows for the first time..." Well it doesn't quite get there. It flashes the Win98 startup screen then goes back to the dos screen and says...

"Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g. C:\Windows\Command.com)C>"

So I type the name of the command interpreter C:\Windows\Command.com and NOTHING! argh! I have seen this before, but for the life of me cannot remember the solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance


1. RE: Type the name of the Command Interpreter...
lbyard Apr-26-01 02:15 PM
In response to message 0
Try fdisk /mbr then fdisk the drive. When you format the drive do not use the /s flag to transfer the system files. Win 98 will/should install them. MS KB Article Q187641 at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q187/6/41.ASP has more info. Larry

2. RE: Type the name of the Command Interpreter...
davidrl35 Apr-26-01 06:33 PM
In response to message 1
You da man Larry! So simple yet so wonderful!! Thanks for your help. I had not used this drive for quite a while and forgot that at one time I had it set up to dual-boot. Again, thanks!


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