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window size when opening a program or new window
darrenpatton Apr-25-01 04:24 PM
Does anyone know how to make Internet Explorer windows open up maximized. For example when I type ctrl-n a new page opens, but it is small. How can I make it open full screen? Also, is it the same for other Windows programs?
Thank you,

1. RE: window size when opening a program or new window
lbyard Apr-25-01 06:44 PM
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Maximize the current windows before ctrl-n. You can quickly maximize a window by double-clicking the Title bar (the very top of the window). Also, try F11 when in IE. Try it again. You might want to play with right-clicking the blank part of the task bar (the thing along the bottom of Windows). But to answer your question, it occasionally annoys me that Windows can’t read my mind and do exactly what I want it to do. Likewise, it annoys me even more when Windows and other Gates’ derivatives “think” they are smarter than I and do what an “idiot” might want done instead of me (like make hyperlinks out everything I type that could possibly be a hyperlink). Larry

2. RE: window size when opening a program or new window
loxo Apr-26-01 00:19 AM
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You may find this useful too. It works for most programs.

Right-click the program's desktop icon or toolbar button.
Choose Properties, then the Shortcut tab.
In the Run pop-up list, select Maximize.
Finally, press OK.


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