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Wrong Fonts when Powerpoint Loads
crohns Jul-18-00 07:57 PM

I have a foolish question but I must ask it. I made a PowerPoint presentation and loaded it on to another computer when I was ready to present on a digital projector I was surprised. I had some nice fonts on my presentation. They were the normal Office 2000 fonts. The presenting machine also had office 2000 on it as well. When I presented it the fonts were different. How to I check to see if the correct fonts are loaded on the presenting machine? If they are not in the machine how do I get them on the PC? If the fonts are on the machine already how do I get the fonts to load into the presentation?

1. RE: Wrong Fonts when Powerpoint Loads
lbyard Jul-18-00 08:14 PM
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The answer is in PowerPoint help. Click Help, Index, enter Font, and select About Using Fonts in Presentations --> "If you are going to show your presentation on a different computer, make sure you save the fonts or embed them in the presentation. See Make sure text displays correctly on another computer." Larry

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