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my plan,,,please help
kareemh Mar-13-01 02:37 PM
I plan to format my C: drive soon with WIndows ME installed. When I format i will intall Wondow 2k. I want and NEED a stable windwos, I was told Windows 2k is good for that. Please tell me if this is a good idea. Also any one have any important tips that i may want to know about windows 2k or formating a hard drive? BTW I have one hard drive partitioned into C: and D:. I will leave the D: part alone and only format the C: part. Is this okay? I have P3 800. 128 MEG RAM. NVIDIA VANTA. WIndows ME(horrible)...Thank you

2. RE: my plan,,,please help
lbyard Mar-13-01 04:28 PM
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That should be OK, but I would make sure that I had two backups of critical data before proceeding. See http://www.microsoft.com/technet/win2000/win2kpro/default.asp for more info. Larry

3. RE: my plan,,,please help
kareemh Mar-14-01 02:28 PM
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thnx alot man, But Windows 2k is very stable right?

4. RE: my plan,,,please help
lbyard Mar-14-01 02:40 PM
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That's what I hear. Larry

5. RE: my plan,,,please help
deerslayer Mar-14-01 03:29 PM
In response to message 4
Make sure that all your cards have w2k drivers. My brother recently setup a dual boot and found out that his Diamond Viper 550 does not have W2k drivers. and thet no longer are in the video business.
633 Celeron @1055, Abit bx-133, 256 pc 133 @ cas 2-2-3, ATI radeon 64 mb DDR

6. RE: my plan,,,please help
geoff.coote Apr-06-01 07:04 AM
In response to message 5
His card will work fine under W2k, he just needs to install the standard TNT drivers from nVidia as the V550 was a TNT based card those drivers will work just fine.

7. RE: my plan,,,please help
geoff.coote Apr-06-01 07:06 AM
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Win2K is the best piece of software to come from MS without any doubt. To install t just boot from the CD & choose format this partition with NTFS when you have chosen drive c: as the install drive.

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