"Networking two computers running 2000 using twisted-pair network cable"
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glynnp Click to email glynnpClick to check IP address of the posterMar-08-01, 06:52 PM (GMT)
"Networking two computers running 2000 using twisted-pair network cable"
Hi all,
I'm having a problem getting my two computers to see each other by using a twisted-pair network cable.
The computer's both run Windows 2000 and are currently on two different Domain's etc. Don't ask! Two laptops. I disconnect them from the other domains and then link them together via twisted-pair network cable.I want the two of them to see each other so that I can experiment with a simple web project - ie they need to see each others web server.
I have been told to edit my lmhost file so that they would be able to see each other. So I made a new text file on each computer with the ip address of each computer and corresponding name of the computer. I then added this file via the properties of the TCP/IP settings. I checked the lmhost file in WINNT and all is fine the lmhost file has been cahanged.
The cable seems to be fine. Local area network detected etc and lights flashing.
What do you think?

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lbyard Click to email lbyardClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the posterMar-08-01, 08:00 PM (GMT)
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Workgroup names have to the same as the domain names. Workgroup names have to be the same for two computers to browse and share resources. The web servers may be a different story. LMHOSTS is very fussy about blank spaces in lines. I referred to a MS Knowledge Base article on that subject in this Forum within the last few days. Here's one that worked: NT1 #PRE #DOMUXHQ "DUXHQ \0x1b" #PRE
# IP Address "123456789012345*7890" duxcw doctors medcam dev lbyard-pc cbyard-pc, 3, and 4 were web servers. 10 and 11 were Win 98 workstations. DUXHQ was the domain and workgroup. I don't remember the details, but I spent noticeable time on it. I see formatting loses some of the spaces here. The "DUXHQ goes right above "123... and \0 falls right below Q in DUXHQ. I'll E-Mail a copy. Larry

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