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Windows Installation/registration number problem
Sebastian Mar-01-01 11:22 PM
I used deltree to erase everything from my laptop. Then I decided to install Windows 95 only because it is the FULL version of Windows that I have, then I plan on using my upgrade disk to upgrade it to 98. The problem is that I lost the green card that contains the ID number for windows 95. It is definately lost and my question is...Is there a way to browse the cd (windows 95) and find that number in a file or something like that? otherwise I will need to go and buy a complete version of WIndows, which in my area, are around $200.00 if they are available, but I have checked aroudn and hardly no store carries teh full versions, only the upgrades. what should I do?

1. RE: Windows Installation/registration number problem
deerslayer Mar-02-01 01:05 PM
In response to message 0
use the win 98 cd. After you enter you key codes it will do a compliance check, looking for older O.S. Take out the 98 cd, put in the 95, and click ok. After it is done it will tell you to put back in the 98 cd to continue.

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2. RE: Windows Installation/registration number problem
Sebastian Mar-03-01 09:08 AM
In response to message 1
You are a genious!!! Your suggestion worked!
I had consulted this problem with several IT experts and they all said that there was no way of installing the upgrade and that I would have to buy the full version of windows. I am so greatful for the time you took to respond to my question. This forum is great!!
Thank you so very much again!

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