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W98SE partition
sibrag Feb-26-01 11:57 PM
Over the weekend I had to reformat my HD, and subsequently to reinstall W98SE, along with other software. Now with all behind me, the system is quite solid.

When I attepted to run Norton's Speed disk, it reminded me that I may forgotten to partition the drive, which may have been the case.

When I checked into it, using FDISK, it indicated that all was indeed fine, and 100% of the space had been used as primary partition.

Is there a way to make CERETAIN that indeed all is well?

Does W98 automatically do the partitioning as part of the pre-install procedure - which indeed seems to be the case?

I am aware the the glitch in Norton Utilities, which may report the POSSIBLE porblem, however, in this case it may indeed have been the case, as I may have forgotten to set the partition.

Thanks in advance


1. RE: W98SE partition
deerslayer Feb-27-01 02:49 AM
In response to message 0
BE VERY careful!!!! norton's speed disk told me the same thing, i knew darn well everything was partitioned, so i continued, that @#$#% program UNpartitioned my g drive which had all my games on!!!!!!! ( over 10 gigs) needless to say I hjave parted ways with nortons utilities (except for anti virus!)

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