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restoring a 98 backup
JKennedy Feb-26-01 01:06 AM
I am about to restore a 98 backup, my question is what to expect. Is it a smooth process, does it re-install all the apps/files that were backed up? Thanks

1. RE: restoring a 98 backup
lbyard Feb-26-01 02:23 PM
In response to message 0
I don't know what you used to backup the computer and what kind of backup it was. I have seen a lot of registry problems after restoring full backups done with MS Backup and no longer do that kind of backup and restore. Other programs may work better. Larry

2. RE: restoring a 98 backup
JKennedy Feb-26-01 08:47 PM
In response to message 1
>I don't know what you used
>to backup the computer and
>what kind of backup it
>was. I have seen
>a lot of registry problems
>after restoring full backups done
>with MS Backup and no
>longer do that kind of
>backup and restore. Other
>programs may work better.

I used MS backup program. Will this restore all the apps that I had installed, mp3's, files? I am kinda of confused on what to expect out of the backup restore, as soon as I get a few things installed, I will restore the backup but just wanted to get a heads up before hand on what to expect. THanks

3. RE: restoring a 98 backup
lbyard Feb-27-01 02:15 PM
In response to message 2
I think I answered the question... You may be lucky and not have any problems. I don't depend on being lucky and usually do a clean install, restore my critical data (my docs, favorites, cookies, mailbox, pass word files, etc.) from the backup, and reinstall all applications. Larry

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