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reverting to old windows environment
zbenjamin Feb-25-01 02:59 PM
I recently installed windows 98 and now i need to go back to my old windows environment. While installing i chose the option to back up my files somewhere. I also remember(a long time ago) going through dos and typing in a command to revert the system back to another day. That would be the optimal way to go. Thanks

1. RE: reverting to old windows environment
lbyard Feb-25-01 03:18 PM
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Look in Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. This wonít work if you have modified the disk partition (used compression, converted to FAT32, etc.) since the Win 98 upgrade. I donít know about the DOS command you mentioned and do not think it can be done. Windows Me has the capability to revert system files back to a specific date. Larry

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