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Win Me & IE 5.x problem
bob rosa Feb-20-01 05:52 PM
I have a new Dell desktop. Win Me on it and from the beginning IE 5.0 did not start correctly. At Dell's suggestion, loaded IE 5.5 & ditto. I get sent into a DOS window and get several "invalid switch" messages as well as "Specified COMMAND search directory bad" I get left in the DOS panel at C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP. I have been told this may be a bad script file load upon Win Me installation. Netscape works fine. Any suggestions?? THANKS!!

1. RE: Win Me & IE 5.x problem
lbyard Feb-20-01 06:05 PM
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What happens when you click Start, Run and browse to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ and double-click IEEXPLORE.EXE? Larry

2. RE: Win Me & IE 5.x problem
bob rosa Feb-20-01 07:19 PM
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Same thing.


3. RE: Win Me & IE 5.x problem
lbyard Feb-21-01 06:27 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Feb-21-01 AT 06:30 PM (GMT)

Well, it’s not a shortcut problem. Probably an improperly installed Internet Connection Wizard… Run regedit (Start, Run, and enter regedit).
Backup the Registry… In regedit click Registry on the menu and Select Export followed by Export Registry File. Save (backup) the registry files to a convenient location like My Documents.
Expand the Registry tree by clicking plus signs as follows
+ Hkey_Local_Machine
+ Software
+ Microsoft
+ Active Setup
+ Installed Components
Right-click the IsInstalled key and delete it.
Reinstall IE 5.5. Let me know if this worked, OK? Larry

4. RE: Win Me & IE 5.x problem
jck288 May-30-01 02:31 PM
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DUMP 5.EVERYTHING I LOADED 6. BATA AND HAVE "NO" EXCESS LOCKUPS WITH ME AND LESS FATAL BLUE, am also on dsl so that might help but tried winnt with 5.5 5.0 etc. and had more problems then you sould even begin to fathom. but right now running a 466 Mhz with dsl and 6.0 beta ie. no problem you can get ie 6. at microsoft.....

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