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Windows NT Server 4.0 Installation
pbmonegas Feb-13-01 10:53 PM

I have partitioned my hard drive into an
8G(FAT32) and other 4G(NTFS). I own a Compaq w/ Celeron500 w/192MbRAM. I have successfully installed WinME and attempted to install
WinNT Srvr4.0. The files are successfully copied over to my 4G partition. Next I'm prompted to reboot. First I see my initial Compaq screen w/ cursor. Then I'm just left w/ a black screen and cursor. When I want to boot ME, I just reboot and pop in fdisk to set the 8G partition as active.

I have installed Windows NT Srvr before, just never on a partitioned hard drive w/ a different OS.
If you can PLEASe HElp.


1. RE: Windows NT Server 4.0 Installation
deerslayer Feb-14-01 01:08 AM
In response to message 0
Well, Windows Nt will not recognize fat 32 or paritions higher than 2gig. I assume that if you already have the 4 gig NTFS you used some program like partition magic to do so. I would use it again and split up that 4 into 2- 2's. Also when you are in NT after the install, it will not recognize the 8 gig that is fat 32, and the Windows ME will not see the NTFS partitions. You did do it in the right order. win 95/98 and Me have to be installed first, then NT/2000. You will then have a dual boot with NT being the default choice. ( which you can change in your NT settings, as well as the length of the timer to choose which OS you want.)

Good luck, let us know how you made out.

2. RE: Windows NT Server 4.0 Installation
pbmonegas Feb-15-01 08:17 PM
In response to message 1
thanks.....Deerslayer....I'll try it out and let you know how it goes.....Thanks again....

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