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WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
Cuzbo Jan-31-01 06:35 AM
Hi everyone. Great site.
My problems started when using Norton Ghost to clone the hard drive from a Compaq Presario 4710 with Intel 233MMX so I can preserve my data into a new machine. The new machine is an FIC VA-503+ with the AMD k6-2 450 processor.
Since the clone, the floppy drive is no longer available in Windows. If I boot from floppy it is fine, and if I boot to DOS it is fine. When WinME starts up, it polls the drive and the light flashes a quick second, just like the BIOS does on boot, but then it is dead once Windows is finished loading. If I go to My Computer or Win Explorer and click on floppy A:, I get about 3 minutes of lockup (no blue screen or error messages) then the system resumes as usual, but the floppy is still not accessable. Very strange. I know the CMOS settings are correct because it works fine from DOS. I have a hunch its the hardware lookup table in ME, possibly the bridging being carried over from the Compaq.
Any suggestions? I have removed the floppy and controller from device manager in hopes the machine would refind the appropriate driver, but to no avail. I think when it reloads its just using the same problematic one from before. Is there a place on the hard drive in plug-n-play(and registry) where I can kill all occurances of anything that has to do with the floppy and let Windows reload the drivers from scratch? This is really keying me off. It's a first for me. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks, Dave

1. RE: WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
lbyard Jan-31-01 02:12 PM
In response to message 0
Was the previous computer and your floppies scanned for viruses? I doubt that is the problem because floppies work with DOS, which points to a Windows problem… What do you see in Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Floppy Disk Controllers? That is, what exactly does it say the controller is? Select the controller, Properties, Drivers, Driver File Details. What does it list for drivers? What does it list in Resources? I doubt the problem is there also, but it would be the first thing to look at in case Compaq does something odd with Win Me and floppy drives in that particular computer, which I doubt. I think I know where the problem is, but please check this first. Larry

2. RE: WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
Cuzbo Jan-31-01 04:54 PM
In response to message 1
In device manager, the controller is listed as standard floppy controller, the drive itself is listed as generic NEC floppy drive, and the resources are normal at #03f2-#03f5 DMA2 IRQ6
There are no conflicts in device manager at all.
Hope that helps. Thanks Larry, Dave

3. RE: WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
Cuzbo Feb-07-01 05:36 PM
In response to message 2
Any ideas Larry? Its been a while since I've been here. Dave

4. RE: WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
lbyard Feb-07-01 08:43 PM
In response to message 3
LAST EDITED ON Feb-07-01 AT 08:44 PM (GMT)

What I needed to know was what floppy drivers are installed. Please do it again… Start, Settings, Control Pane, System, Device Manger, Floppy Disk Controllers, Standard Floppy Controller, Properties, Driver, Driver File Details. It should list C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\HSFLOP.PDR and C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32.VXD (IOS.VXD). VMM32.VXD is a file with a collection of drivers, which includes IOS.VXD. VMM32.VXD is configured for the hardware when Windows is installed, and that may be the problem. HSFLOP.PDR may also be the problem. If HSFLOP.PDR is listed, it could be corrupted. I would first delete it in C:\windows\system and then extract a new copy from the Windows CD with Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information, Tools, System Configuration Utility, Extract File, browse to Win98 on the Windows CD, and push it to C:\windows\system. Windows will not allow you to overwrite the old file with an extracted copy because it is a system file. If that doesn’t work, I would install Win Me on top of Win Me after backing up critical user data. Do not replace VMM32.VXD with an extracted copy; it's not that simple. I would like to know if either of these steps worked. Larry

5. RE: WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
Cuzbo Feb-07-01 10:17 PM
In response to message 4
Thanks for walking me through this. I've been in the business for 18+ myself and have never come across anything as baffling as this. I re-extracted hsflop.pdr and rebooted. Same problem. I booted from floppy and reinstalled WinME. Same problem. From DOS or safe mode, the floppy is fine, however in Windows its still dead.
The letter is still there, and the drive is still listed in both My Computer and Device Manager.
I just don't get it. I now went to windows/system and killed the vmm32.vxd file and also deleted the whole /iosubsys directory forcing windows to rebuild the driver database.
Then reboot from floppy and reinstalled WinME.
SAME PROBLEM???!?!?!?! If I was getting paid by the hour on this one, this guy would have to file backruptcy! I also flashed the VA-503+ BIOS to the most recent version figuring that maybe had something to do with it. NOPE. Any other ideas??
Tell him to buy a Dell? LOL Thanks again, Dave

7. RE: WinME and Floppy Drive Problems
lbyard Feb-07-01 10:34 PM
In response to message 5
Yes, I would be a very rich man if I could charge for all of the hours (years) I have spent on weird problems. Unfortunately, very few customers understand that we are doing Gates' work and are being paid mostly nothing for doing it. If it works in the safe mode, then it must be a Windows driver or something odd in the registry. Try turning stuff off, vxd's, even config.sys, etc. Make sure the CMOS isn't set for that Japanese 1.44 M floppy format, but I don't see how that could work in DOS. Disconnect a zip or LS-120 if present. Other than that charge the customer for a clean install. It's not your fault; he owns the computer. Larry

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