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Short Windows ME story
diletante Jan-22-01 01:52 PM
My son's PC was not stable running W'95. The machine has been upgraded and rebuilt 4 times this year. Each time it has been a slow and painful process getting the hardware & drivers all installed and working. The last upgrade included a new (old) motherboard and a K6/2-350 processor. After a few weeks, it still wasn't running reliably, and while browsing, I came across something that said the K6/2-350 and faster AMD chips had a problem with W'95. At that point, I was ready to throw some money at the problem, so I bought the ME upgrade.

A weekend was set aside for the upgrade so the hard drive could be reformatted to get a fresh start and to allow for the painful hardware installation process. On Friday, we prayed, lit incense, and examined the entrails of a small bird. Saturday morning we began. The hard drive was cleansed and the ME installer was started. We meditated quietly until the machine was ready to restart. At this point, I looked knowingly at my son and said, "It is going to start discovering new hardware now and asking for drivers." My grip tightened on the driver disks as we waited for the first challenge. Like gladiators, we waited for the arena door to open.

But it was not to be! ME started without a dialog box or a pause! What happened to the hardware! A look at the Device Manager showed that all the hardware was installed with the correct drivers and there were no conflicts. It worked!


PS Now I'm sorry for what we did to that bird.

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