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Outlook 98 vs Outlook 2000
myassisdragon Jan-13-01 02:16 AM
Don't know if I'm in the right forum, but anyway... Using Exchange 5.5 for the corporate email and on one PC (IBM 300PL PIII/128 MB Ram) I am running Office 97 with Win98 SE. When attempting to attach a 4mb file to an email I receive an error message of "Out of memory or Systems Resources." Only Outlook is up and running.

The funny this is on an identical PC running Office 2000 and Win 98 SE and it is able to handle the 4mb file attachment.

Any ideas? Does Office/Outlook 2000 manage ram better?


1. RE: Outlook 98 vs Outlook 2000
lbyard Jan-13-01 04:27 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-13-01 AT 04:33 PM (GMT)

Check for a virus. You may be low of hard disk space. Fire-up the Windows Explorer, right click the C: drive and select properties. Delete the files in C:\windows\temp. In the Internet Explorer, delete the Internet History files (Tools, Options…). Lastly, empty the Recycle Bin. Larry

2. RE: Outlook 98 vs Outlook 2000
myassisdragon Jan-19-01 03:22 AM
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Did as you recommended, but still having the same issue. Any other ideas?


4. RE: Outlook 98 vs Outlook 2000
lbyard Jan-19-01 02:59 PM
In response to message 2
The problem could possibly be explained by:
; This property is only supported on Outlook 98 (8.5) or higher! If
; you try to use it on Outlook 97 (8.0x) the account will not be
; created.
; Set to 1 to break up outgoing messages, so that each message is
; smaller than the file size indicated by SMTPSplitSize.

; The maximum size, in KB, of a piece of a split message.”
Or, perhaps, the Outlook profile just needs updating, http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q166/7/78.ASP.
I would upgrade Outlook. Larry

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