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i got an annoying problem
kareem Dec-30-00 10:39 PM
Okay, no matter which windows version i get, win 95, win 98, win 2k, win ME, i always get this damn blue screen. You know the one where it tells you to press any key, when you press any key it brings you back to the same screen, it @#^^#$ me off. i get it especially when i play mpegs, or AVI movie fuiles. is there anyway to get rid of that? and also i have the same problem with That "you have performed an illigal operation" message. I get it alot, even when i format my pc, can u help me please? i want to know hwy it comes and how i can avoid it and posibly get rid of it for good. thank you

1. RE: i got an annoying problem
lbyard Dec-31-00 12:19 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Dec-31-00 AT 12:36 PM (GMT)

These problems are usually caused by a hardware problem. As you have installed Windows and different versions of Windows several times, it almost certainly a hardware problem. Typically, the problem is caused by defective memory. A clue that it may be a memory problem, is that it appears to happen when you load-up memory with large files. There are many other possibilities… some examples: interrupt conflicts, defective or cheap motherboard, noise in power supply voltages, display drivers, incorrect CMOS settings, hot CPU, and overclocking. If the computer were in my shop, I would:
Clean the computer interior and power supply with compressed air
Do a visual inspection
Reseat memory and expansion boards
Check cables
Run diagnostics, etc.
Replace the memory. Larry

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