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Re: Dial Up Connection problem
Ra Byn Dec-29-00 08:02 AM
I don't know what changed but when I now boot up, Windows opens a dial up connection. I click on cancel & twice more it reloads the same window. The problem seems to be gone & then moments later the window reappears & three more time opens the same window. Then my PC locks up & refuses to shut down.

I deleted the dial up connection from Dial Up Networking & when I reboot, it doesn't load the window any more & the PC seems stable. Re configure the Dial Up Connection & the PC does the same thing again upon rebooting.

I haven't had this problem before this evening.


ra byn james

2. RE: Re: Dial Up Connection problem
lbyard Dec-29-00 05:25 PM
In response to message 0
If you have mapped drives to another computer on a local area network and the network is down, Windows may be trying to connect to the mapped drives via dial-up. Just check the box that reads something like do not use dial-up networking to connect ... Or, go to Networking in the Control Panel, Select the instance of TCP/IP bound to the dial-up adapter, Properties, Bindings and uncheck File and printer sharing for Microsoft networks. That box should normally be unchecked for the dial-up adapter anyway for security reasons.

Run msconfig and look at the stuff in the various configuration files that starts-up when Windows starts. There may be a program that is firing-up the dial-up adapter. Larry

3. RE: Re: Dial Up Connection problem
stevehenry Jan-02-01 03:47 AM
In response to message 2
it could be some software trying to "phone home" like go!zilla or real player. it could also be some program trying to check for email. I've even had problems with ICQ trying to dial-up.

there is a place in windows that tells it to connect to the net automatically. I don't remember exactly where(I'm now on cable) but you need to turn that OFF (it might be in contolpanel>internet options> connections)

4. RE: Re: Dial Up Connection problem
deerslayer Jan-03-01 05:56 PM
In response to message 3
This could also be a virus causing this. I would scan with up to date anti virus software.

5. RE: Re: Dial Up Connection problem
tncharger Jan-16-01 03:40 AM
In response to message 4
As has already been mentioned, it could be a virus that is causing the problem. I know because I just got through experiencing the same problem except mine ended with my BIOS being "flashed" or cleared. It set my Date and Time back to January 1, 1900. The name of the virus is w32.kriz, with several possible extensions (A,B,C,D,etc). If you start experiencing error messages involving your kernel32.dll file, you may have it, as well. There is a tool used to detect it that you can download at Symantec. Hope it's something else less serious but if it isn't, hope this info helps.

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