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Diskette Creators
Bedon Dec-19-00 09:27 PM
I have downloaded diagnostic files from Quantum, IBM and Seagate. They came in .exe diskette creator format, but when I try to run them they all give me the same error " Diskette Creator self check failed. Please obtain another copy of the diskette creator." I tried that several times and in 1 instant, from different sources, but I always got the same error message.
Can someone explain to me why this is happening to me, and how to solve it?


1. RE: Diskette Creators
lbyard Dec-20-00 06:34 PM
In response to message 0
I have seen the same problem on one occasion (I think it was a similar download of from IBM). I downloaded the file again and it worked fine. The programs are probably doing a checksum verification of the files and finding an error (bits have changed). If you are using a dial-up, listen to your phone line for noise with a phone. Run a virus check on you system. Run a surface scan on your hard disk. Don't overclock. Check you CPU fan. You may have bad memory. I would think, however, that if it were something besides noise on the Internet connection you would see errors (corrupted files, etc.) in other things you are doing on the computer. To have this sort of error, and, in particular, without an error message, from an Internet download is rare. The TCP/IP protocol has a very robust error correction scheme. I would be curious as to what caused the problem. Larry

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