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Backup Utility
AllenDulles Dec-18-00 02:48 AM
I'm new here, but sure would appreciate some help understanding some of the details of the built-in Windows backup pgm.

I understand the basics of how it works--my problem comes in using the utility to update a backup I'm already made. Say I make a complete backup of folder A. Then I work on A, changing a few files. I go into the Backup pgm. I select "Open an Existing Job." Then I choose the name from the list of backup jobs that corresponds w/ my original backup of folder A. I select "new and changed files". Under "Where to Back up" I notice Windows has entered the name of the drive I used for the initial backup and the file name for the back up. Let's say the file name I used initially was "BackupFolderA."

Here's the problem: If I now keep that file name, the pgm. overwrites the original backup. That's well and good, but the program is not supposed to be doing the whole backup from scratch like this. It is only supposed to update the backup. This is an issue when the backup is very large, and takes a long time. You don't want it starting from scratch each time--and it isn't designed to, as I understand it. It should just check for changes and update.

The alternative is to use a new file name, say "SecondBackupFolderA." In this case it leave intact the original backup and will, say, add a new file to the backup medium that contains files I've since added to folder A. But let's say I've deleted some files from Folder A since the original backup. Since it leaves intact "BackupFolderA," it has failed to eliminate items from the original backup.

Am I missing something here?



1. RE: Backup Utility
lbyard Dec-18-00 02:50 PM
In response to message 0
Allen, One makes a full backup and saves it to a file. One then makes incremental backups and saves them to separate files, etc. A restore consists of restoring the full backup and then restoring each of the incremental backups. The program isn't really designed to frequently backup a file as you work on it. Most backup programs work that way. A few years back McAfee had a program, called Quick Backup, which came with their Virus Scan Deluxe and did things the way you want to. I do not see it on their site (http://mcafee.com/). Larry

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