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Windows Me install almost went perfect
sched44 Dec-16-00 07:00 PM
My buddy Bob and his wife Delores have a three year old Quantex Qp6 that has actually been a good machine for them considering their total lack of computer knowledge but you gotta like them, they're good folks, the kind that bring you chicken soup when you are sick. The machine is a 233 pent. II and has 96 meg SDRAM installed. There's at least another 2 gigs of hard drive room left. It has an STB velocity video card and while I don't remember the audio card manu., its a decent one. Now for the problem. The computer will boot up fine from a cold start all the way into Windows Me and run fine. (again, this problem is a new one associated with installing Win Me on a Win 95 machine) If you install any software that requires an installed software reboot or if you were to reboot the computer by going to Start>Shutdown>Restart>OK the computer will start to restart and hang at the Win Me "splash" screen. If you were to get stuck here and try a reset, it would take you to the windows option screen where you have to immediately chose normal or be doomed to go into safe mode. Hesitation for as little as 5 seconds dooms you to go into safe mode despite the countdown timer. After choosing normal and hitting enter, the computer will boot into windows and everything runs fine. If you normally shutdown the computer and power it back up later, it will start, boot all the way to windows and run fine. Everything seems to look OK in device manager. Three hours with Microsoft tech support and 15 minutes with their upper level tech support and they say its hardware. I would appreciate any help anyone could give us.

Thanks in advance,

John Schedler

1. RE: Windows Me install almost went perfect
lbyard Dec-16-00 08:16 PM
In response to message 0
Push Esc at the Win splash screen to see what might be causing the problem. Try putting a rem plus a space in front of any lines in the autoexec.bat file that are associated with an anti-virus program. McAfee has a problem of this nature with Win 98 and higher (there is a fix on McAfee’s site), and Norton may also have a problem. The anti-virus program problem stopped at the splash screen every time no matter how the computer was restarted in the computers I’ve fixed. Run msconfig and start disabling things one at a time. I would start by disabling both the config.sys and autoexec.bat and see if that localizes the problem to those files (and probably a real mode DOS driver that Me is having a problem with; e.g., sound card?). STB is now owned by 3DFX. STB legacy support is at http://www.stb.com/tech/. I seem to recall that something recent happened to 3DFX, also. Pull all boards except video and see if it goes away. Install them one-at-a time until you find the varmint. Read the C:\windows\*.txt files. Share the knowledge… let us know what happened, OK? Larry

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