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lvalley Feb-05-01 02:24 AM
I have an 800mhz Dell, with 2 HD's, that is supposed to have an ATA controller. No card is installed so I guess its on the mobo. I unchecked the DMA box in settings for both drives and nothing has changed, ie speed, access, etc. Would this be because the controller is already working and checking the DMA block is redundant? I thought the box would be grayed out if hardware was working. Also I do I tell if Dell really did put a controller in the pc?

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lbyard Feb-05-01 02:55 PM
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Judging by the CPU speed, the motherboard probably supports ATA/66, might be ATA/100. I canít tell for sure without the computer model. Most computers will tell you what mode the hard disks are running in when the computer first boots. Checking the DMA box should make the dives operate faster if the bus master driver is installed. You may be able to determine if it is installed by looking at the hard disk controller in the Device Manager, in the Start, Settings, Control Panel, System. To see if DMA makes a difference, try copying about 100 Mbytes worth of files from on hard disk to the other. The transfer will be faster if one hard disk is on the Primary IDE interface and the other is on the Secondary. However, if a CD-ROM is also on the secondary, it could slow down a hard disk put on the same cable. When two IDE drives are put on the same cable one has to be jumpered as a Master with slave present and the other has to be jumpered as a Slave. If you want to experiment, make the hard disk the Master and the CD-ROM the Slave. Larry

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