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promise ata100 under win 2k using an Asus a7v mB
DinTek Jan-29-01 04:39 AM
Here is one for everyone.

I am running an AMD 750 athlon T-bird
on an ASUS A7V mother board. I have a quantum fireball -LM 7200 rmp HD hooked up to the ATA100 connector on the board. The HD is set to CABLE SELECT the manufacture spec for use of ATA 100

I am running WIN 2000 PRO with serivce pack 1 installed.

The WIN 2000 driver for the promise ATA/100 installed fine and every thing works great!

winbench reports that the HD has an access time of 8.81 ms and an average transfer rate of 26900 thousand bytes/sec

Then I hook up the 80 pin connector from the hard drive to the plain IDE connector on the Mother board.

winbench reports that the HD has an access time of 8.79 ms and the exact same transfer rate of 26900 thousand bytes/sec

Oh yes one other thing with ATA100 enabled in bios as well as under win 2000 device manager it takes 1 min and 13 seconds to boot up. While with ata 100 disabled in bios and under win 2000 it takes 34 seconds.

If any one knows how to get a better transfer rate with this HD let me know. The manufacturer says its capable of ATA66 (66 megs per second I would assume)



1. RE: promise ata100 under win 2k using an Asus a7v mB
lbyard Jan-29-01 04:22 PM
In response to message 0
http://www.asus.com.tw/Products/Techref/Faq/Mbmm/mb200010.html :

Q6. Why does A7V take so long for ATA-100 to detect and boot?
A : Please update your BIOS to ver.1004. Please also update to the new A7V Promise ATA 100 driver rev. 1.60, which improves the Windows boot up time problem.

ATA/66 can go faster then your benchmark in bursts, which is not the same as the sustained maximum transfer rate. To benchmark the burst speed run Sandra (http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/) or HD Tach (http://www.tcdlabs.com/hdtach.htm). Be sure DMA is enabled in the drive properties if it can be enabled. Larry

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