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help me please -- hard drive question
oNe! Jan-28-01 05:10 PM
Im running a 40GB maxtor on my pc and want to add another hard drive....but
2 ide slots on mobo
1 zip drive - primary slave
1 Hard drive - primary master
1 cd rom - secondary master
1 cd - writer - secondary slave

how do i add another hard drive to this combination ??
i have a full tower case - 1 free slot


1. RE: help me please -- hard drive question
lbyard Jan-28-01 07:07 PM
In response to message 0
You can replace your motherboard with a RAID version (Abit, Iwill, Epox, etc.), which would give you two more IDE interfaces, or purchase an IDE, RAID, or SCSI expansion board. There are plenty of manufactures of these boards. Check Adaptecís (http://www.adaptec.com/) and AMIís (http://www.ami.com/) web sites for examples. You will probably have interrupt problems with either solution (http://www.adaptec.com/) and I imagine that the computer is going to have some rather hefty cooling and power. You may want to consider building a low-end computer, moving some of the lesser-used drives to it, and networking. That is what I would do/have done. You could buy a larger heard disk drive, if that is the problem. Larry

2. RE: help me please -- hard drive question
oNe! Jan-28-01 07:34 PM
In response to message 1
thanks larry
I have a cooling system setup ... 2 extra 80mm fans .....
I have a lan (3 Pc's).... low end pc's (4.1GB each) though......... one of those cards might do the trick .....thanks for the links

its funny my first PC had a 500MB Hard drive and i thought that was great ... now 40GB isnt enough

times are changing

3. RE: help me please -- hard drive question
lbyard Jan-28-01 08:38 PM
In response to message 2
My first computer didn't even have a floppy drive. I couldn't afford one. As I recall, my first hard disk drive cost about $4,000 and held 5 MBytes. Larry

4. RE: help me please -- hard drive question
Larry_A1HUNTER Apr-08-01 04:25 PM
In response to message 3
Here is what i have done and it would be a gteat benafit to you as will find you a promise altra 100 controler card the are less that 40 dollers and you can add up to 4 more ide devices on them i have 6 hard drives and a cdrw and cdr in my full tower case and it works great

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