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Computer Does Not Recognize CD-ROM Drive
kayleighv Jan-24-01 09:39 PM
I have a six year old Packard Bell Computer that still works. I recently removed the cd-rom drive to try to use it in another old computer I have (another Packard Bell). The transplant was not a success. So I put the cd-rom drive back into the original computer ( I made all the same connections). Now the computer does not recognize the drive at all. The computer only recognizes the A and C drives. The LED light comes on when I turn on the computer and the cd-rom door still opens and closes. Any idea what I did wrong? I do not know the make and model of the CD-rom drive. As you may be able to tell, I am not an expert and I am on a budget.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

1. RE: Computer Does Not Recognize CD-ROM Drive
lbyard Jan-25-01 03:49 PM
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Check the flat cable. At the drive, the red stripe goes towards the power connector. On the motherboard or sound card it goes towards pin one, which, hopefully is labeled. If it goes to a sound card, and there is more than one set of header pins to plug-in the different manufactures of quite old CD-ROM standards, then you may have attached to the wrong one. The Make and model of the drive, or Packardís Bells model number is on the top/rear of the drive. That info can be researched. Do you get any error messages specific to the CD-ROM when the computer is booting? See our CD-ROM drive FAQs if you have a driver problem and for more info, and our how to build your own computer articles for more info on installing CD-ROM drives. Larry

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