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My CDRW Yamaha 4261 works only as a CD ROM
gspy Jan-23-01 02:08 PM
I upgraded from Win98 to Win98 SE and installed a Creative x52 CD-Rom .Although I could read from both my new cd rom and the cdr,programs like ezcd creator, nero and yamaha's latest firmware couldn't find a cdr on my system. Prior to that my cdr worked properly. I have connected the devices as yamaha has recomended: cdr as secondary master and cd rom as primary slave.What can I do?

1. RE: My CDRW Yamaha 4261 works only as a CD ROM
lbyard Jan-23-01 03:46 PM
In response to message 0
First, if a CD-ROM drive is connected as a Primary Slave it may significantly slow-down your hard disk drive. However, transferring data from a drive on one IDE interface to another is usually much faster than transferring data between two drives on the same IDE interface. I would lean towards putting both CD devices on the secondary IDE interface, one jumpered as a Master and the other as a Slave. Suggest temporarily disconnecting the CD-ROM and trying to get the CD-RW working first. Trying uninstalling and reinstalling ALL the CD-RW software (see http://ask.roxio.com/cgi-bin/roxio_tic/solution?11=000929-0005&130=000970254401&14=7&2715=&15=2&2716=&57=faq&58=&2900=5Hh1BX174X for ezcd creator) without the CD-ROM present Install and test EZ CD Creator first (http://ask.roxio.com/cgi-bin/roxio_tic/solution?11=991102-0000&130=000941525671&14=&2715=&15=&2716=&57=search&58=&2900=8Fsy9XZK0N&25=6&3=se). Look for multiple instances of the CD drivers in Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager. And remove all of them. A real (mode) long shot… press the F8 key just as windows starts to boot to get the Startup Menu; choose Command Prompt Only; type edit autoexec.bat; find the line that starts with "rem - By Windows Setup - " (in front of the line with the MSCEDX command); move your cursor to the C (the start of C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\MSCDEX...) following the dash after "...Setup -" ; press the Enter key to put "rem - By Windows Setup - " on a seperate line so "C:\WINDOWS...: starts on the next line; hold the Alt key and press F to get the File menu; choose exit; Save and Exit; reboot. In you computer’s Standard CMOS Setup, try setting the CD-RW drive as not present. Windows should still detect it. That sometimes fixes CD-related problems. Change it back to Auto if that didn’t fix the problem. Larry

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