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I have some question about Partitiion disks
wolfman Jan-12-01 06:29 AM
I bought Maxtor 5500rpm 30.7 GB Im thinking in getting a partition for muy HDD, like this:

C:\partition of 1 GB for windows 2000
D:\ of 1 Gb for windows ME (for my old software)
E:\ of 10GB for my MP3
F:\ of 1 GB for muy documentes, images, videos etc
G:\ of 700 MGb for Virtual memoria
H:\ the rest of GB for strong software, like photoshop, freehand , visual studio etc

Its good or bad, this idea???
Its correct to put a exclusive partition for Virtual memory??? Its enough 700 MG or more????
Its enought 1 GB for OS???


1. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
lbyard Jan-12-01 06:50 AM
In response to message 0
Itís a matter of personal preference. I wouldnít want that many partitions because each one of them adds a drive letter. My file server adds drive letters as mapped drives and this many more would make things too complicated. Although I have read arguments for putting the swap file on its own partition, I donít bother. My 30 Gbyte, 7,200 hard disk is divided into two partitions. The C: drive is four gigs and contains My Documents and the applications I use the most. Presently, there are a little over 2 gigs on it. The D: drive is for everything else and it has close to 3 gigs on it. I think 1 Gig for the primary partition is too little. Two Gigs for a 5,400 RPM drive and 4 gigs for a 7,200 RPM drive seem like good compromises between capacity and how long it takes to defrag the partition. Larry

2. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
wally2117 Jan-13-01 02:17 PM
In response to message 0
I partitionned my HDD a bit like that and a 1 Gig
partition is too little for ME and its interactive
training. After ME installed all of its components,(active X, IE and else) it takes almost the entire 1 GIG of my partition. Many times, I'm getting the space warning on my C:\ drive.

I think, like Larry saids, a 2 GIG partition for the system C:\ drive is a good choice.

Win 2K takes about 500M of my 1 GIG D:\ partition I've made for it.

All of my applications are installed on
a 3GIG partition E:\ and causes me no trouble to use them. Exept I have to change the installation path every time I install one.

On a dual boot system, remember to install ME first. If you install 2K first, ME will trash and replace it.

Hope this could help.


3. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
ngtu Jan-13-01 05:47 PM
In response to message 2
Hi Wally,
I'm glad I came here and read your reply. Last night, I installed Win2K first and then WinME. When it boots, only ME. What should I do? Leave WinME partition, format the Win2K partition and reinstall Win2K? One more thing, I format both partition FAT32, Is it OK?

4. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
wally2117 Jan-13-01 08:48 PM
In response to message 3
Yes that's what I've done.

Format the 2K partition and reinstall Win 2000 on it. When it (2000) ask where to install it, you should see the partition of ME. Choose the other that there's nothing on it (newly formated).

I'm not sure that will works cause 2K is on the ME partition (you've installed it there, isn't it?).

Second alternative is to format the 2 partitions (ME and 2K) and start from the begining.
-Install ME on a partition (C:)
-Install 2K on the other partition (D:)

For the FAT 32, 2k recognizes it as well of ME.
If you want to farmat a little partition with NTFS
to hold secure documents, only 2K will see it.

Be careful with the drive letters, 2k and ME doesn't handle them the same way.


5. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
ngtu Jan-14-01 06:15 PM
In response to message 4
I did what you told me to do:
-format C: the Win2K partition
-leave D: the ME partition alone
-reinstall the 2K on C:
but then only the 2K boots, What did I do wrong? Partitions? Please help!

6. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
wally2117 Jan-14-01 11:22 PM
In response to message 5
How's your HDD is partitionned?

You only have to make 2 partitions with FDisk.
Primary and extended. You have to create a virtual drive (D:) that is the extended partition. C: is the primary. When 2K will be on your PC, system tool of this O/S is very friendly to operate and gives you all the lattitude to create other virtual drives.

Do you have a choice, on boot, to select one of the 2 O/S?

Go to the control panel/system properties/startup shutdown of 2k, you should see in the system startup box, win 2k and windows (ME).If not, 2k don't see ME.

What I think is may be ME has to be on the same drive than the NT loader (part of 2K) to make ME recognizable by 2K.

When you install 2k, the first part of the installation is the NT loader, the system that gives you the choice between O/S. 2K install it on
the primary partition, you don't have the choice. After that step, 2k asks you for the drive you want to install the Win 2000 O/S.

Here's the installation process that I've done.
-Install ME on C: first, then,
-Install 2K on D:

That's the only way I was able to make them worked together.

If you don't wanna restart from the beginning, you have to go to the boot.ini file of 2K and add Windows ME and its path in this file. That will give you the choice of the O/S in the boot sequence.

Good Luck

7. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
ngtu Jan-15-01 07:25 AM
In response to message 6
I checked the control panel/system properties/startup shutdown, 2K is the only O/S there.
I only have 2 partitions on the drive C: and D: and I did what you told me:
-Install ME on D: first, then,
-Install 2K on C:
I don't have a choice, on boot, to select one of the 2 O/S
I'm new with computer and I was hoping something simple.
When I use fdisk, do I have to choose NO when answer "Do you wish to enable large disk support?"
I chose YES, because if I choose NO, 2 GB is the largest volume on each partition I can select.

8. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
wally2117 Jan-16-01 01:57 AM
In response to message 7
As I can see, you don't do precisely what I've told you.

First, ME has to go on the C:\ drive, not D:\!
then, 2k has to go on D:\.

On FDISK, choose YES to enable large disk support.
2 GB is enough for each of these 2 partitions, if you only install the O/S on them.

This way, it should work, it's the way that I've done the installations.

Let's review!

-Boot with a diskette with FDISK on it.
-Format your HDD to make primary partition (C:) of 2GB. Make this partition ACTIVE.
-Create a logical drive (D:) on the extended partition.
-ReBoot with ME installation diskette or CD-ROM.
-Install ME on the primary partition (C:).
-ReBoot with 2k installation diskette
-Install 2k, and when the installation program asks you for the location, (At this time, you should see a choice between ME on C:\ and the extended partition D:\) answer extended partition

At this reboot, you should have the choice of the 2 O/S and a countdown of 30 seconds to make your choice.
You can change these settings (time, default boot O/S) in the control panel/sys properties/startup shutdown.

I'm asking me a question.

Why do you want 2 O/S on your PC if you're new
in computer?
Depending of what you'll do with it, ME is very powerfull itself to do all the amateur in computing, wants to do.

Good luck again!

9. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
ngtu Jan-18-01 07:16 AM
In response to message 8
Thank you for your instructions. I finally have the choice of the 2 O/S. I didn't know that it would make the difference between C: an D:.
When I said I'm new with computer, I meant new with installing and configuration of O/S. I've been using Win2K since April 2000. My friend installed it for me when I bought this computer. I set up the network with my old Compaq computer, which is crashed 2 weeks ago. I like Win2K features, but I could not use it with my Plustek scanner. I tried to download the software update but no use. In addition, I just want to play with it. You must know a lot about computer. Can I ask you something else?
First, after installing, I can only set up drivers (sound, modem and VGA) with WinME. The system board set up disk can not run under Win2K. What should I do?
Second, can we use multiple O/S by installing them on two different hard drive?
Again, thanks a lot,

10. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
wally2117 Jan-18-01 11:20 PM
In response to message 9
I'm glad to know that you finally pass throught
the installation process.

Unfortunately, I don't perfectly understand your first question, but even your system is brand new,
it's almost certain that your system disk isn't update. I suggest you to download the new drivers on the net and those that are compatible with 2K.

And about multiple HDD O/S, I've never tried
but I think you can do that. The secret is in the way you partition the HDDs. If you try, let me know!


11. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
ngtu Jan-19-01 05:47 AM
In response to message 10
I'll ask my friend how he did it last time.
Can I ask you about my other computer? I have a 233 Mhz Compaq computer. When I boot it, nothing appears but the red COMPAQ line then only a flashing dot at the very top conner. Nothing happens after that. It doesn't read memory at all. What do you think what could be the problems. Do you think it can be fixed? It worked just fine the last time I used it.

12. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
wally2117 Jan-19-01 06:08 AM
In response to message 11
Check the battery on the main board, if it was unplugged for a long time from the outlet.
Or if you have a recovery disk from Compaq, try it.
What happends since the last time it worked?
Did you opened the Box, change Hardware?
Did you format HDD?

In fact,boot sequence is waiting for a missing part!


13. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
lbyard Jan-19-01 03:19 PM
In response to message 12
Wait--get a cup of coffee--and see if you get an error message. Larry

14. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
wally2117 Jan-19-01 11:12 PM
In response to message 11
try to hit F10 when you see the COMPAQ prompt, it's supposed to bring you in the Setup config.


15. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
ngtu Jan-20-01 07:42 AM
In response to message 14
I took your advice, took the battery out and it boots. All I need to do now is replace the battery with a new one and everything will be back to normal right?

16. RE: I have some question about Partition disks
wally2117 Jan-21-01 03:32 AM
In response to message 15
That's it!


17. RE: I have some question about Partitiion disks
lbyard Jun-10-01 07:08 PM
In response to message 0
I have written-up detailed instructions for dual-booting Windows 2000 Pro and Windows 98/98 SE/Me at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/dual/index.html. Larry

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