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reasiging drive letters.
bigplatt Jan-11-01 01:11 AM
Hey guys,

Heres my problem. I installed and uninstalled a external zip drive. The drive is gone but my cd and cd burner are now have diffrent drive letters. the cdrom was d and is now e and my burner is was E and is now d. The cdrom is a slave on the primary ide drive , ( the hard disk being the master) and my burner is the master on the secodary ide port. When I boot up I notice a lag in the post screen( the black screen that show the chip and isa/pci assignments) before I can even get into Windows 98 se. Any ideas to change everything back. HELP!! PLEASE

tHANKS Bigplatt

1. RE: reasiging drive letters.
lbyard Jan-11-01 03:10 PM
In response to message 0
Go to Start, Setting, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, CD-ROM, select the drive, Properties, and fiddle with the Reserved Drive Letter Settings at the bottom of the Settings tab. You may have to set the letter for one drive, reboot, set the second drive letter, reboot, and change the first drive letter again. Believe the later versions of the Iomega software also has a utility to change the letters. Larry

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